Joan Sinclair

Pink Box is the world’s first look inside
Japan’s second largest industry.

While living near Tokyo, Joan Sinclair heard rumors referring to Japanese men's clubs with mirrored floors and fantasy decor, but never saw any photographs of these private clubs. With nothing more than a list of contacts, she returned to Japan to shoot Pink Box.

Slowly, with great patience and persistence, she gained entrance into this private world. For most, Joan’s photographs will be the only glimpse they will ever have of some of Japan’s most elaborate sex clubs: the fake train, the fake classroom, the almost extinct no-panty lounge.

Joan documented her subjects in their working environment, usually dark and cramped rooms. She often shot during business hours, ducking between customers waiting for their turn. She became familiar with the language and the unwritten rules behind Japan’s most profitable business. If you look carefully at the images, you will see ubiquitous objects that hint at what happens inside these rooms: the prices posted on the walls, timing devices, clear bottles of lotion, towels strewn over futons.

Pink Box is the name of the private dance room hidden in the back confines of the famous Juso Music strip club in Osaka, Japan. Lit with pink lights, one must pay an extra fee to enter the Pink Box with a dancer. “Pink” is also the Japanese euphemism for the commercial sex industry.


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